Are you installing an epoxy floor? Grinding and polishing your concrete flooring? Have you run into some technical installation difficulties on your DIY home project, or are you not sure if you understand every technical aspect of your installation job?

Alaska Resin Supply’s Rent-a-Tech Service is the perfect option for any stage in your DIY installation process.

Experienced technicians on-site can provide expert help when needed, including demonstrating how to properly:

  • Operate equipment
  • Prepare and protect your workspace
  • Prepare your substrate
  • Correctly measure and mix epoxy products


Our experienced technicians can demonstrate how to perform many different aspects of projects, including:

  • Diamond grinding concrete
  • Shot blast floor preparation
  • Concrete moisture testing
  • Moisture vapor barrier systems
  • Joint and crack filling
  • Epoxy flooring installation (including flake, metallic, and quartz systems)
  • Cove base installation
  • Concrete polishing, staining and sealing


Your Rent-a-Tech service needs will be affected by the size and scope of your project, and your level of personal experience.
Rates are charged per technician with a one hour minimum. Travel time is included in time billed.
$ 125
Standard Rate
  • $188.25 - Overtime / Weekend Rate


Alaska Resin Supply’s Rent-a-Tech service is an assistance program only. It cannot be utilized for full installations, or as a substitution for your installation crew.

Installing larger epoxy floors as a solo project is not recommended due to the complexity of tasks, timing and critical aspects such as the working pot life of epoxy once mixed. For professional installations, a typical small installation (i.e. a single-car garage) would have a minimum 2-3 person crew. In contrast, a medium size hangar requires 4-5 crew, and larger hangars or commercial spaces should have at least 5-7 technicians. It is the responsibility of the installer to have adequate crew members available for their install.

Rent-a-Tech service technicians will only provide guidance on working with products and supplies sold by Alaska Resin Supply. Products purchased through other suppliers will not be included in guidance and recommendations.

It is the installer’s responsibility to be ready to work when the Rent-a-Tech technician reaches the worksite. Any time a technician is spent waiting will be billed as service, and the technician may elect to leave the worksite if you are not present on site. No refunds will be given.


Rent-a-Tech is a service Alaska Resin Supply provides for DIY installers. However, the outcome of your installation remains the responsibility of the installer, and not Alaska Resin Supply. Customers purchasing Rent-a-Tech services agree that Alaska Resin Supply is held harmless for any defects, damage, disbondment, or other problems that can occur during equipment operation, substrate preparation, and epoxy installation. A release of liability is included in your contract for the service.  

DIY installers are responsible to do your own research and personal education in advance of an installation, so you understand the process completely.

If you ultimately decide you would rather have a professional team perform your installation, you may review our process for flooring installation through our affiliate company, GH Alaska LLC and request an installation quote.