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Epoxy flooring installation involves quite a bit of math. Here are a few basic calculations to help you calculate your needed materials. These calculations are rough guides only and you are responsible to verify your results.

CALCULATE TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE:   Length _______    x   Width _______   = ______________ SF*

*This number needs to be accurate! All other calculations are based on it.

Epoxy flooring is measured in Wet Mils Thickness. Mils is the industry-standard measurement used for epoxy. This is notthe same as millimeters.

1 mil = 1/1000th of an inch

1 millimeter (mm) = 39.27 “Mils”

It is imperative to read and thoroughly understand all product safety data sheets and manufacturer application instructions. Customers are solely responsible for the outcome of their projects, and Alaska Resin Supply does not in any way guarantee the outcome of any product’s use or compatibility.