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Alaska Resin Supply provides the tools and materials for Alaskans to install their own epoxy flooring. However, installing an epoxy floor is a complex process and mistakes can often cost thousands of dollars to fix. This is why many customers prefer to have their floors installed by a team of professionals. Our affiliate company, GH Alaska LLC can provide a quote for your installation job, and get your floor done with the professional experience needed to tackle even the most complicated situations.

An Alaskan-owned business with over 25 years’ experience, GH Alaska specializes in:
  • Epoxy flooring and cove base Installation—including metallic, tinted, flake, anti-slip, and food-safe
  • Polyurethane floor coatings
  • Concrete polishing
  • Concrete restoration, cleaning & sealing
  • Floor and pavement marking

Epoxy flooring enhances your living area or workspace by providing beauty, traction, and durability. Owners of epoxy flooring especially appreciate the ease of cleaning and having a sanitary surface. Consider your goals for the room when picking from options like metallics, vinyl flake/chip, colored quartz, or specialty topcoats. Whatever your goals, GH Alaska has many years’ experience installing residential projects like garages, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and workshops. We also have installed large commercial jobs such as hangars, warehouses, schools, churches, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and more. We’ll get the job done with the right process at the right price.

When you are ready to move forward with your project, download the EPOXY PROJECT QUOTE REQUEST FORM, fill in your complete specifications along with desired dates and email us.

Your Quote Request Form must be completed with as much detail as possible to prevent delays. A key factor will be confirming your color choices. You can obtain brochures and view samples in our office. Our staff will be happy to assist you in firming up your desired colors. After we receive your complete Quote Request Form, you can expect the following process:


We will call you with a preliminary verbal estimate within 3 business days.


Upon your approval of the estimate, a site visit will be scheduled with our estimator to gather additional information necessary for our installation crew. For example—considerations such as equipment power supply, work staging area, trim removal, crack repair, and other details of your floor plan will be accounted for. If colors have not been finalized by this stage, the estimator will also bring selections to choose from.


We will then create your customized proposal—including the project scope, exclusions, site requirements that must be provided by the owner for a successful installation, moisture testing and other options, a complete production plan, signature page and deposit information.


Upon your approval, you send your signed proposal and pay the project deposit.


Any materials not available in stock (for example flake or metallics in your custom colors) will be special ordered for your project. Keep in mind that this can extend project timelines as much as 4-5 weeks due to current shipping conditions.


After we have a firm date for delivery of any needed materials, we will place your proposal into our current project schedule. This schedule is our best estimate, acknowledging that current projects underway have the potential to result in delays. You will be kept informed of any delays that will affect your installation timeline and we will do our best to meet your desired completion timeline.

We hope that this overview helps you know what to expect from our estimate and proposal process.

“The quote was very informative and easy to follow. Additionally, I really appreciated the professionalism and information [your estimator] provided on his site visit.”

– Jeff D. Miller, V.P. of Operations, Cruz Construction, Inc.