Alaska Resin Supply is your go-to resource for renting the tools and equipment you need to get your substrate surfaces ready for epoxy product installation. Proper preparation is key to top quality installation in order to prevent disbondment and have a long-lasting installation. Prep like a professional! This requires diamond grinders, pulse-vacuums, shot blasters, and more.

Rental equipment gives you the opportunity to have the right tools at your disposal without the hefty cost of buying your own machines. Alaska Resin Supply provides top quality customer service to make your rental experience exceptional.

You can find details on all the equipment and tools available for rental in our online store. If you’re not sure what equipment will get the job done, stop by or call our office. If you’ve never used the equipment before, make sure to check out our Rent-a-Tech service for professional coaching. Also, all rental equipment and tools are subject to availability, so get your rental planned out early.


Warrior Equipment is designed in the USA and includes wet and dry concrete grinding and polishing equipment, built from the ground up for contractors, using gear driven design. The Leonidas grinder is conveniently propane powered, for jobs where electrical is not an option. The Warrior line of equipment includes award-winning concrete grinders, pulse-vacuums, efficient, easily maneuverable floor scrubbers and a powerful, versatile 18KW generator.


Alaska Resin Supply also has equipment available from BW Manufacturing, Inc.—a trusted provider of surface preparation equipment since 1996. If you’re looking to get your surface prepared, this line includes shot blasters and magnet brooms, scarifiers, concrete grinders and polishers, and dust containment systems.


Speaking of dust containment, we also have top-of-the-line pulse vacuums available from Pulse-Bac. Concrete dust quickly clogs vacuum filters, and you could lose up to 50% of your suction power using regular vacuums. In contrast, American-made Pulse-Bacs have a specially designed filtration system that prevents clogging so you can get your job done efficiently.


With epoxy projects, there are all kinds of other tools you may find you need on the job, and we have some of those basic tools available to include in your rental. We offer hand sanders and edge grinders, laser levels, power boxes, generator adapters, and even temporary use of trailers for storage during an installation job. Make sure to consider all the details when planning out your preparation and installation.


Alaska Resin Supply offers an equipment delivery and pick up service. The service is subject to availability on our delivery schedule. Equipment will be delivered to your location, but transportation of equipment within a building or facility (for example, into a basement) is the responsibility of the renter. The service charge is billed per hour with a half-hour round-trip minimum.
$ 65
Standard Rate
  • $98.25 - Overtime / Weekend Rate