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June 19, 2023 – Tips For Installing Epoxy Coatings Over Wood Flooring

If you have a wood floor and want to give it a long life, you might consider epoxy flooring as a solution. Epoxy resin can even increase the lifespan of an already damaged wood floor, and with proper installation, you can hide prior damage the wood floor has sustained. This type of flooring provides an attractive look that is perfect for applications ranging from hardwood to reclaimed wood floors.

Because wood is a flexible subfloor and epoxy coatings are commonly rigid, people often wonder whether you can put epoxy on wood floors. The simple answer is, yes! You can absolutely use epoxy on wood floors. However, don’t just apply anything you find. You need to ensure you choose the right system. 

The epoxy products that you use for concrete floors and wood floors are different. Unlike concrete, which provides a stable substrate to apply epoxy over, plywood is extremely flexible, and experiences expansion and contraction. While adhesion to either can be achieved with the correct preparation, wood’s increased flexibility and movement can present problems. This means a standard epoxy coating for concrete is not going to be appropriate as it will ultimately fail, particularly along the joins, due to movement. To complete such a project,an epoxy system with sufficient flexibility needs to be used which will tolerate the anticipated movement.

Keep in mind that installing epoxy floors on your own may seem easy, but there are many factors that determine whether the epoxy flooring looks good when you’re done—or even bonds in the first place. Bubbling, blistering and failures can occur from improper installation, and flooring that is not properly prepared can lead to poorbonding. Whether it’s temperature, humidity, time, materials, or the person doing the work, every aspect of the job must be handled precisely.

Before you begin the application, it’s important to inspect your floor. Make sure the surface is clear of cracks, openings, and other flaws that can affect the epoxy coating’s ability to adhere. Wood is a porous substance that may absorb moisture, which can have an impact on how well the epoxy bonds and cures. Conduct moisture testing to ensure the wood floor’s moisture levels are within allowable ranges for the type of epoxy you intend to use. Depending on the product and the manufacturer, different temperatures and levels of humidity are best. Epoxy comes in a range of forms, some of which are intended for use on concrete and others of which may be applied to a variety of surfaces, including wood floors. Be careful you choose the right epoxy for your wooden floor, and make sure you strictly adhere to the product data instructions for the epoxy you choose to apply.

For the epoxy coating to be successful, the wood floor must also be properly prepared and cleaned. Dust, dirt, and any prior coatings or finishes must be removed from the surface. Lightly sanding the surface is critical to ensure a proper bond between the epoxy coating and the flooring. Remove all dust with a vacuum cleaner, and screw down any loose planks. The wood surface must be completely free of all waxes, varnishes, or other foreign materials. Pay special attention to the seams of each sheet, stagger all panel joints, fill all joints with a flexible epoxy, and cover the filled joints with fiberglass mesh tape. Fill all gaps, cracks, and screw heads too, making sure that you don’t have any screws sticking up from the plywood. You can run a putty knife over each screw to see if your knife gets caught, and if it catches, sink those screws down completely flush. 

Also, be sure to perform a small test before attempting a full project. Many things can go wrong when applying epoxy floor coatings over wood surfaces. At times, it can be best to hire professionals to apply epoxy coatings on wood floors. It may cost extra but, if there are any problems when applying the coating yourself, the cost to fix that issue may be even more. If you have a wood floor and are looking for a solution to resurface the floor, get in touch with the experts at Alaska Resin Supply. We provide the highest quality materials and have many unique coatings available for resurfacing every kind of floor and substrate. We are located at 201 E. Swanson Ave, Suite #1, in Wasilla. Give us a call at (907) 671-9900 and check out our website at www.AlaskaResin.com.

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