Quantities and products needed depend on the scope of the job, number of installers, epoxy products, and square footage.

Alaska Resin Supply can give a general recommendation, but will not accept any responsibility for the outcome of your DIY project.

It is the customers responsibility to read all product data and determine how much materials they want to purchase for DIY Projects.

Spiked Shoes
18” Roller Frames
18” Roller Covers (Shed Resistant)
18” Plastic Tray/Pans
Chip/Varnish Brushes – 1”, 2”, 3”
9” Roller Frames
9” Roller Covers (Shed Resistant)
4” Roller Frames
4” Roller Covers (Shed Resistant)
Drill Power Mixer Paddles (Different sizes)
Wooden Paint Mixer Sticks
Empty 5 Gallon Buckets
5 Quart Mixing/Metering Pails
5 Quart Pail Liners
2.5 Quart Mixing/Metering Pails
1 Quart Mixing/Metering Pails
18” Straight Edge Squeegees
18” Notched Squeegees
Spiked Roller (Several different sizes)
Magic Trowel – (Several different sizes)
5/1 Tools
Utility Snap-Off Blades
Box of Latex Protective Gloves
Safety Glasses
N95 or Equivalent Protective Respirator
Calcium Chloride Moisture Tests
Threaded Extension Poles
Wet Film Thickness Gauges (Mil Gauge)
Duct Tape
Masking Tape
Masking Paper/Masking Film (Plastic)
Box of Rags – (White T-Shirt Material)
Xylene – 1 Gallon (For Tool Cleanup)
Drywall Floor Scraper (For Flake)
Plastic Taping/Putty Knives (Various Sizes)
Wooden Paint Stir Sticks

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