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A wide range of equipment is available for properly preparing a concrete slab for epoxy installation. There are diamond grinders, shot blasters, scarifiers, and more! Here are some basics to get you started.

  • Are you prepping a basic or pre-coated concrete slab? Diamond grinders are the best option for projects that require removing coatings or prepping most concrete slabs for epoxy. They maintain as much surface material as possible. 
  • How many square feet do you need to prep? The larger the job, the bigger you want your diamond grinder to be, so you save time grinding.
  • Are there stairs to navigate? Multiple levels? You may not want a large, heavy grinder for these conditions. Pick out a lighter, more mobile model instead.
  • Are you trying to go deep into the concrete? A scarifier might be better for you. Scarifiers scrape away up to ¼” deep per pass in multiple straight grooves.
  • Are you preparing a metal or other industrial surface? Shot blasters use metal beads “shot” out of a machine to “blast” away tough debris and contaminants. This works on concrete as well, and can be used to both clean and prepare the surface for coatings. You will need a magnet broom to collect the stray metal shot.
  • Are you working indoors? You will need a pulse vacuum or dust extractor! Pulse vacuums are designed to clean up troublesome concrete dust without clogged filters.
  • How will you be powering your equipment? You may want to investigate your options for propane equipment models or a portable generator if on-site power is not available. Most equipment requires 220 Volt power and a minimum 30-50 AMP breaker.
  • Are you installing epoxy on a wood subfloor? Have you exceeded your epoxy products’ re-coat window? Are you installing a flake epoxy system? In all of these situations, you will need a floor sander.
  • Are you trying to remove an old epoxy coating, glue, adhesive, mastic, or otherwise nasty material? Talk to us about the specialty tooling available for our concrete diamond grinders. We have carbide cutter blades, Polycrystalline Dimond tooling (PCD’s), and other options that work wonderfully at removing these materials.

It is recommended to reserve your equipment early. If you don’t reserve your dates, your equipment may not be available when you need it. Reserve equipment today.

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