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We recommend using a three-coat epoxy flooring system on any floor. A standard three-coat system includes an epoxy primer coat, a base coat, and a clear topcoat. You typically use a different epoxy product for each coat. However, in some cases, you can use the same product for more than one coat. Using a two-coat system is also possible, but would be the minimum type of system we recommend.  

MOST IMPORTANT: Always refer to your Product Data!

Choose Products That Meet the Needs of Your Floor:

There are questions you will have to answer to identify which products are right for your floor.

  • What kind of material is your flooring substrate? Concrete? Gypsum? Wood? Tile?
    Depending on what kind of substrate you are dealing with, the recommended products change. For example, wood substrates require an epoxy that is more flexible than standard.
  • Does your substrate have any moisture issues?
    Moisture testing is recommended for concrete. If high moisture is identified, it is recommended to use a Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) epoxy primer coat to create a moisture barrier to protect the floor and prevent disbonding.
  • Is your substrate damaged? Do you need to apply an overlayment?
    There are many different kinds of cementitious coating materials that can be used to build up the flooring. They can: fill in holes, pits, and cracks; fix leveling issues; or strengthen, protect, and repair the substrate.

Choose a System That Will Look & Perform the Way You Want:

Epoxy flooring systems can fall into several categories including solid color, metallic pigment, flake/chip broadcast, quartz sand broadcast, and more. It can be helpful to ask yourself, what kind of performance you need from the finished floor given the kind of space it is being installed in. The type of epoxy flooring you choose affects the products needed, and even the number of coats recommended.

You should also consider the following questions:

  • Do you need specialty coatings like Static Control (ESD) or Decorative Slurry/Mortar systems?
  • Do you want a shiny high-gloss topcoat or a satin/matte topcoat?
  • Do you want anti-slip additives?
  • Is this a residential, commercial, or industrial space?
  • Does the floor need to withstand high traffic? Vehicles? Tire marks?

As you can see, epoxy flooring installation is not simple. To learn more about your options, contact us! Product data, recommendations, and system guides are available upon request. Answering the questions above will help expedite the process!

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